About the Founder Jeannine Paterson.

Jeannine was born in New York and moved to Austria at a young age where she commenced her tertiary education in medicine. She completed four years of medicine at the University of Vienna before immigrating to Australia in 1992.

She continued to pursue her interest in the health field by studying Natural Therapies at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, which she completed with a Diploma of Applied Science in 1997.

During that time her interest in Women’s and Children’s health grew and whilst running her Naturopathic Clinic in Melbourne, she continued her education by adding a Batchelor of Nursing from the LaTrobe University, followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery.

She consolidated her skills over many years working as a midwife in the prestigious Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne. This tertiary teaching hospital specialises in women’s health, gynaecology, maternity and neonatal care with over 5000 births per year.

Since moving to the Sunshine Coast over three years ago Jeannine has been working at Nambour General hospital within all areas of maternity and where she has also added to her repertoire of skills, by adding the qualification of International Board Certified Lactaction Consultant and achieving the highest exam scorer in the Austra-Asia region.

Jeannine comes equipped with a vast and very unique set of skills and experience. Through her medical background she has been able to develop a sound knowledge base within the orthodox approach to pregnancy and birth whilst her experience as a Naturopath gives her depth and understanding of the complementary approach to health and wellbeing and how the two approaches can work best to enhance the experience of pregnancy and childbirth for women and their families.

I believe I bring the best of both worlds to the table. I have been trained in both conventional as well as holistic modalities and have in depth experience in both areas.

This allows me to provide my clients with specific tailor made care, which allows me to take into account their individual circumstances.

I have a real passion for supporting women and their families during their journey into parenthood. That includes aiming for optimum health and wellbeing for both women and their partners from pre-conception right throughout pregnancy, birth and during the postnatal period.

Many women are not aware of the multitude of natural treatments available to them which often can make their pregnancy more enjoyable.