Naturopathy in pregnancy… 

Women should be confident that pregnancy is a perfectly normal physiological event in a woman’s sexual and reproductive life. Yes, it can sometimes lead to complications and it is then that medical intervention is invaluable and saves lives. But in my practice as a Midwife and Naturopath I frequently see  many women being hospitalised and treated , often with very undesirable outcomes,  for issues that if treated earlier with natural interventions could sometimes have been avoided. It is frustrating to see women who just assume that what they are experiencing are  normal unavoidable  “discomforts of  pregnancy” ,when they can easily be prevented by some  simple lifestyle adjustments and gentle natural remedies. The best way to experience  a healthy pregnancy, stress free breastfeeding ,  and  an energy filled  postnatal  event   is by having an  optimally healthy lifestyle.  Bellies, bubs & boobs aims to assist you in achieving that by creating a range of products that will assist you and your baby in that endeavour !

So enjoy your pregnancy! It is possible!

 What are the benefits of using  Naturopathy?

Naturopathic remedies are often more appropriate than orthodox medical treatments, particularly in pregnancy when  foetal development  is especially  vulnerable to any toxins or chemicals it may be exposed to. Naturopathy is a form of Complementary Medicine that  works on the philosophy that the body has a natural tendency to want to bring itself back into balance. It is due to our lifestyle, what we do and eat that we cause dysfunction. The symptoms we experience are the body’s way of telling us that we need to address an underlying issue.

As opposed to orthodox medicine which uses drugs to alleviate symptoms, naturopathy generally works by aiming to assess where the body is in imbalance and then uses various remedies such as nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals and  homeopathy   in order  to  support the body’s own healing abilities. By supplying the body with all it needs to reach equilibrium heath is regained and symptoms disappear.